“Power to the People”

This day started early today because we wanted to get to the polling place as soon as possible. I was the 10th person in my ward to vote! Now, I am not all that crazy about knowing what number I am because, in theory, one might figure out which ballot was mine and then determine who I voted for.

But since there were quite a few people from other wards and districts voting, the probability of determining my vote was reduced.

It wasn’t like it was in 1980 when 1 person in my town voted for the Communist Party candidate and everyone assumed that it was me. The fact that I had a “John Anderson for President” sticker on my car should have told them something but I guess not.

I had planned on doing a write-in vote this year but circumstances (a 4-year old grandson) made that a little impractical. As I have stated in my blog before, I voted for a 3rd party candidate. Some will say that I wasted my vote but since both major parties pretty well wrote off New York, I used my vote to insure that one of the third parties would be able to remain on the ballot.

The only way that there will be any preceptible and visible change in this country is when we vote. And it isn’t just in the national elections every two years; it is in every election. One of the poll workers told us that today was going to be a mad house but no one votes in the city and local elections.

All politics are local and if you do not vote then you lose your power.

One’s vote, however cast, is the expression of the power of the people.


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