“A Survey on Surveys”

To all,
I am in the process of developing a survey dealing with a topic relevant to chemical education. There are a number of ways that I could disseminate the survey but I was wondering about the efficacy of an on-line survey.

1) What are your thoughts concerning the use of on-line surveys as a means of gathering data?
2) Are there some on-line survey setups better than others?
3) Any recommendations?
4) Would you respond to an on-line survey if the information was collected through a educational setting or a public setting?

Thanks for the assistance. Results will be published within two weeks.


1 thought on ““A Survey on Surveys”

  1. I don’t mind doing an online survey if I know that it may only take less than 10 min. Or, I know how many questions it involves and if it applies mostly to the high school vs college level. I teach HS, I would not be able to give quality answers aimed at a college level class.

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