“Random Thoughts On A Wednesday”

I find it very amazing that we as a society seem headed towards a life of mediocrity and we seem quite happy to be headed in that direction. I supposed there is nothing wrong with mediocrity; after all, a mediocre life would have no challenges and there would be no need to worry about things because they are going to same as they have always been. And life is always good when tomorrow is the same as today and you know what to expect.

But there is no challenge in living a life which is essentially the same every day. There is no drive, no push to seek things, and in the end, life becomes very stale. And when life becomes stale, mistakes are made.

One can make mistakes because one is in a hurry or is not careful; those mistakes can be fixed. But mistakes can be made because life is routine and you do the same thing over and over again. Those, I think, are the worst mistakes because they come without warning. They come because you no longer stop and think about what is going on.

We have been understandably upset because of many of the comments that Donald Trump has made recently and we should be upset because he is not challenging anyone to a better life but merely echoing thoughts that others have expressed.

And while we should be angry at what Mr. Trump has said, we have forgotten what people said about Max Cleland when they questioned his heroism and patriotism in Viet Nam or when they questioned the heroism and patriotism of Tammy Duckworth in Iraq. And no one seems to remember how many of the same Republicans who have decried what Mr. Trump said recently supported wholeheartedly the efforts to discredit the patriotism and heroism of John Kerry, simply because he chose to protest the war in Viet Nam.

We hear so many people calling for a war, against countries, religions, and nationalities but these same people found ways to avoid serving their country at a time when their service was needed. (For the record, I received one student deferment and one medical deferment during the Viet Nam War. I don’t remember what my number in the lottery was and might very well have gone to Canada or jail in 1971 if I had not failed my draft physical.)

We hear people say that forcing them to serve members of the LGBT community against their religious beliefs but they seem to forget that the same words were used to justify segregation and, before that, slavery. And there were those in 1960 who said that John Kennedy could not be President because he was Roman Catholic and everyone knew that Roman Catholics were really not Christians. And while President Kennedy decried the use of a religious test in politics today, we seemed to have created such a test in politics today.

And in the end, those who proclaim that they are Christian seem to forget that Jesus Christ Himself was criticized time and time again for embracing the outcasts of society. When you leave a mediocre life, content with each day being the same, you don’t pay attention to things and you are not open to the minor details which make each day new and exciting.

We rejoice in the healing that Jesus did (and which the disciples would later do) yet we forget that each time He did heal someone or a group of people, He became an outcast in society. Each time that he spoke to a woman in public, he went against societal norms. We forget that were it not for the provisions of the Old Testament that 10% of the fields be left for the poor and needy, Ruth might never have married Boaz, which in turn would have meant that there would be no tree from which the branch of Jesse could arise. If there was no branch, there was no David, and there would have been no Christ.

In one sense, we like our lives to be simple (the old Quaker song speaks of the gift to be simple being a gift to be free) but we also must be aware that each day is a new day and that we cannot do what we did yesterday.

There is a challenge in each day and you cannot meet the challenge by being mediocre. In some way, you must push the envelope.

1 thought on ““Random Thoughts On A Wednesday”

  1. This is a well written essay against mediocrity and greeting each new day as a challenge. I would say that the Holy Spirit will give us the ability to meet the challenge. I, for one, support the brave business people that stand by their biblical beliefs in refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. One of these business people welcomed the homosexual customers and treated them just the same as other customers. But this Christian business owner would not cross the line of his/her beliefs to facilitate a sinful act of homosexual “marriage.” The persecution these brave business people have met with is to be expected. Jesus warned that since He was hated, so would His followers be hated. I do not believe that denying same-sex couples the right to be “married” can be equated with denying people their rights because of skin color. There is nothing sinful in skin color. It is not chosen, but a homosexual lifestyle is a choice, and the Bible calls it sin.

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